Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sell Out

Janie showed me how to put ads on my blog, I can make about $0.75 per click. I guess I'm a sellout, but the extra money can be use full in buying a few new picks or gasoline for the tank.

Anyway, I wrote a new song today with the help of Janie's friend, Daria:

Betrayal, yeah A stab in the back,
Betrayal, yeah I’m stretched on the rack,
Betrayal, yeah thrown out of the pack,
Betrayal, betrayal, yeah Betrayal, betrayal…
Betrayal, yeah You ruined my life,

Betrayal, yeah You’re twisting the knife

Mystic Spiral has a gig at some girl's high school party... I guess we really are sell outs. The party is at Britney Tailors house and we will be performing 'Every Dog Has It's Day' tonight. We will post the video afterwards.
I just woke up and this coffee is pretty crappy. I'm going back to bed.