Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Broken Guitar String

Today at about… sometime in the afternoon when I woke up, I decided to write a song for Mystik Spiral, but when I tried to tune my guitar a string popped. Janie told me she was going to Payday anyway and would get me some strings. So here I am with nothing to do while I wait for Janie to come back. I can't write lyrics without making music first, so I'm pretty bored here and decided to write a blog. I'll be posting lyrics and videos by Mystik Spiral here, so check back often.

Janie and Daria are here now. They bought a huge jar of pickles… Jane said she couldn't resist the low, low price of $1.98 for a jar of dills. She bought herself some art supplies too, but forgot to get me strings. Daria and Janie went to get pizza afterwards. I'm going to the music shop downtown to get strings.

I got some strings and put them on my guitar, so now I'm gonna write some lyrics.

I wrote some lyrics that sucked so I gave up. Monique is coming over to pick me up for our date.

Monique and I broke up again. I think it's better for us this way.

I wrote some lyrics expressing the way I fell:

You ran over my heart with your truck of hate
You murdered my soul and said it was fate
It wasn't meant to be
I wish you would just see

Why is life always changing?
The price of pizza is always ranging.
You said it was love we were exchanging,
but now it's my heart you are rearranging.

I think I am dead,
from all this dread,
Can't get out of bed,
My mind is misled,
I want some garlic bread,
Now we gotta shred:

-Guitar solo-

I got hungry from writing that song, so I went to get some pizza with Janie. She told me about an art project she was working on for school showing how teen years are not the best years of your life.

I re-read my lyrics, now that I'm not hungry anymore I realize they suck. I'm going to listen to Bauhaus and get some inspiration

I'm hungry again after listening to 'Who Killed Mr. Moonlight,' but Pizza King is closed for some reason. Our fridge is empty so I'm just gonna drink coffee.

I'm wondering if anyone is actually reading this blog.

I'm tired, so I'm gonna hit the sack.