Thursday, August 27, 2009

Publicity Stunt

Just noticed the rest of our family is gone again somewhere... just Janie and me again...

I have nothing better to do right now, it's 2:50AM and I'm pretty bored, so I'm just writting this blog. I noticed I'm getting a few more veiwers than I had before... hope this is good publicity for Mystik Spiral... we might make a website for the band soon... leave a comment if you think that's a good idea.

The website will have pictures, videos and downloadable MP3s... and our lyrics.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

World Tour


Janie wants to go to that crappy town that's 60 Miles away with Mystik Spiral and she convinced Daria to come with us.

I'm going to go pick everyone up in The Tank.

I must have dozed off...

We just picked Jesse up...
All of Mystik Spiral is in The Tank.
We're stopping for food. Only 56 Miles to go.
We're stopping to go to the bathroom. Only 36 Miles to go.
We're stopping to get gas... I was driving 40MPH to try and save some gas... guess it didn't work. Jesse bought himself a soda.
Jesse had to go to the bathroom. We stopped near some trees but he was scared, so he's holding it. Only 15 Miles to go.
We stopped at a McGreasy's so Jesse could go. He bought himself another soda. Only 12 Miles To go.
Jesse has to go again, but we're almost at the place, so we told him to hold it.
We're at the place.
Alright... gig time.
We just finished playing... if we find someone who video taped our songs, we'll post them later.
We're going home now...
Jesse wants to stop for soda... Janie is using my guitar to hit Jesse. I have no objections.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Computers Need Electricity

I haven't posted in a while. My computer was broken and I didn't know how to fix it. Turns out you need to plug it into the wall. Thanks Janie.

I left off were me and Janie were going to spend the night at Daria's place. It was pretty cool. We talked about Huckleberry Hound...

Not much new has happened since then, but I did find a cool blog today: It's mostly about Goth stuff, but the playlist is really good, so I thought I should mention it. Thanks Monique for finding this...

Mystik Spiral is going on a world tour to some town 60 miles away... I'm getting ready for that now...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pshycic Refugee

The house is too crowded with all the Lanes here... I just wrote a song 'Psychic Refugee,' and popped another string while playing it.

So, the whole Lane family is here now. Wind's third marriage is going down hill, Penny's shop in Costa Rica is wiped out by a volcano, Dad's here to develop his Celtic Rock Formation photos, and I have no idea what mom is doing here.

Janie and I feel trapped in this house... she's talking about taking shelter in Daria's house tonight...

No Food

I found a piece of what I thought was a drumstick a few minutes ago. I was wrong.

I guess I'm going to sleep now. Hopefully I won't wake up to the sound of everyone else arguing... I wonder how much sound-proof walls cost?

I might put a poll up. Something like "Should Mystik Spiral Change it's Name?" or "Should it be spelled Myystik Spiral?"

Wait... phone call...

It was Monique, she said she felt bad for breaking up with me. We're back together. I guess it's a good thing I didn't put that personal ad up.

By the way, I noticed I got 20 views now, so, thanks for, you know, viewing.

Getting Bored

It's 4:50AM and everyone is asleep so I can't practice for Mystik Spiral... I'm listening to Darlane by Led Zeppelin just to stay sane. I guess a sixteenth cup of coffee wouldn't hurt. I'm so bored I almost wish Jesse was here braiding someones hair or starting a pillow fight... never mind... that's just weird.

I'm not tired so I can't sleep... I guess I'll just watch TV...

Moving On

I guess I should find a stable girlfriend. Monique and I break up too often... but where can I find a girl like that? Hmm... not many options in Lawndale.
Maybe I should join the personals...

Trent Lane
22, Lawndale
Active in the past 24 hours
Email Him Block Him
I'm the lead singer/guitarist for my band 'Msystic Spiral,' I'm looking for a girlfriend who won't leave me everyday and has her own band, piercings, dressed in black, has long hair, likes the same music I do...

I need more coffee. I'm getting stupid ideas. It's better to be single than to stoop to a low level like the personals.

Hey, i just noticed our mom is in the house... I was wondering why the couch was so lumpy. I wonder when she came back from... wherever she was.

Wait, everyones here... Penny, Wind and Summer... where's dad? This is weird... I wonder why I didn't notice them before.

Good thing they're all asleep now.