Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving On

I guess I should find a stable girlfriend. Monique and I break up too often... but where can I find a girl like that? Hmm... not many options in Lawndale.
Maybe I should join the personals...

Trent Lane
22, Lawndale
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I'm the lead singer/guitarist for my band 'Msystic Spiral,' I'm looking for a girlfriend who won't leave me everyday and has her own band, piercings, dressed in black, has long hair, likes the same music I do...

I need more coffee. I'm getting stupid ideas. It's better to be single than to stoop to a low level like the personals.

Hey, i just noticed our mom is in the house... I was wondering why the couch was so lumpy. I wonder when she came back from... wherever she was.

Wait, everyones here... Penny, Wind and Summer... where's dad? This is weird... I wonder why I didn't notice them before.

Good thing they're all asleep now.