Thursday, August 27, 2009

Publicity Stunt

Just noticed the rest of our family is gone again somewhere... just Janie and me again...

I have nothing better to do right now, it's 2:50AM and I'm pretty bored, so I'm just writting this blog. I noticed I'm getting a few more veiwers than I had before... hope this is good publicity for Mystik Spiral... we might make a website for the band soon... leave a comment if you think that's a good idea.

The website will have pictures, videos and downloadable MP3s... and our lyrics.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

World Tour


Janie wants to go to that crappy town that's 60 Miles away with Mystik Spiral and she convinced Daria to come with us.

I'm going to go pick everyone up in The Tank.

I must have dozed off...

We just picked Jesse up...
All of Mystik Spiral is in The Tank.
We're stopping for food. Only 56 Miles to go.
We're stopping to go to the bathroom. Only 36 Miles to go.
We're stopping to get gas... I was driving 40MPH to try and save some gas... guess it didn't work. Jesse bought himself a soda.
Jesse had to go to the bathroom. We stopped near some trees but he was scared, so he's holding it. Only 15 Miles to go.
We stopped at a McGreasy's so Jesse could go. He bought himself another soda. Only 12 Miles To go.
Jesse has to go again, but we're almost at the place, so we told him to hold it.
We're at the place.
Alright... gig time.
We just finished playing... if we find someone who video taped our songs, we'll post them later.
We're going home now...
Jesse wants to stop for soda... Janie is using my guitar to hit Jesse. I have no objections.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Computers Need Electricity

I haven't posted in a while. My computer was broken and I didn't know how to fix it. Turns out you need to plug it into the wall. Thanks Janie.

I left off were me and Janie were going to spend the night at Daria's place. It was pretty cool. We talked about Huckleberry Hound...

Not much new has happened since then, but I did find a cool blog today: It's mostly about Goth stuff, but the playlist is really good, so I thought I should mention it. Thanks Monique for finding this...

Mystik Spiral is going on a world tour to some town 60 miles away... I'm getting ready for that now...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pshycic Refugee

The house is too crowded with all the Lanes here... I just wrote a song 'Psychic Refugee,' and popped another string while playing it.

So, the whole Lane family is here now. Wind's third marriage is going down hill, Penny's shop in Costa Rica is wiped out by a volcano, Dad's here to develop his Celtic Rock Formation photos, and I have no idea what mom is doing here.

Janie and I feel trapped in this house... she's talking about taking shelter in Daria's house tonight...

No Food

I found a piece of what I thought was a drumstick a few minutes ago. I was wrong.

I guess I'm going to sleep now. Hopefully I won't wake up to the sound of everyone else arguing... I wonder how much sound-proof walls cost?

I might put a poll up. Something like "Should Mystik Spiral Change it's Name?" or "Should it be spelled Myystik Spiral?"

Wait... phone call...

It was Monique, she said she felt bad for breaking up with me. We're back together. I guess it's a good thing I didn't put that personal ad up.

By the way, I noticed I got 20 views now, so, thanks for, you know, viewing.

Getting Bored

It's 4:50AM and everyone is asleep so I can't practice for Mystik Spiral... I'm listening to Darlane by Led Zeppelin just to stay sane. I guess a sixteenth cup of coffee wouldn't hurt. I'm so bored I almost wish Jesse was here braiding someones hair or starting a pillow fight... never mind... that's just weird.

I'm not tired so I can't sleep... I guess I'll just watch TV...

Moving On

I guess I should find a stable girlfriend. Monique and I break up too often... but where can I find a girl like that? Hmm... not many options in Lawndale.
Maybe I should join the personals...

Trent Lane
22, Lawndale
Active in the past 24 hours
Email Him Block Him
I'm the lead singer/guitarist for my band 'Msystic Spiral,' I'm looking for a girlfriend who won't leave me everyday and has her own band, piercings, dressed in black, has long hair, likes the same music I do...

I need more coffee. I'm getting stupid ideas. It's better to be single than to stoop to a low level like the personals.

Hey, i just noticed our mom is in the house... I was wondering why the couch was so lumpy. I wonder when she came back from... wherever she was.

Wait, everyones here... Penny, Wind and Summer... where's dad? This is weird... I wonder why I didn't notice them before.

Good thing they're all asleep now.

Monique and I Break Up

Jesse and I are at the Cluster Burger now. I took my laptop to write what is happening.

We arrive at the Cluster Burger. The band that's playing sucks and theres nowhere to sit so I'm writing this while standing,

Jesse says he has to go to the bathroom.

Monique shows up and me and her leave together.

3:00 AM
Monique and I go to a cafe'

Monique and I break-up

Monique leaves me alone in the cafe' listening to 40s music.

I learn to love 40s music

I learn to hate 40s music

I feel like I forgot something...

I leave the cafe' to go get Jesse from Cluster Burger

I'm driving while typing.... damn, was that a squirrel? I hope it was already dead.

3:19AM I arrive at the Cluster Burger

Jesse is asleep on a bench outside of Cluster Burger. So much for an all-nighter.

I'm driving him to his house, then going home to write some new lyrics.

I'm home now, but I don't think I can write lyrics for a while. I need some coffee and Nine Inch Nails.

Pulling an Allnighter with Jesse

Jesse came over because of boredom, so me and him are gonna pull an all-nighter together. You can see the time of the posts at the end of each of them.

He seems to be confused by the difference between all-nighters and sleepovers, actually, I think he's confused what a sleepover is; he's trying to start a pillow fight and he wants us to put on our pyjamas. I think I'm going out to grab a bite at that place we had a gig once. I think it was called Cluster Burger.

I'll take Jesse with me before he wakes Janie and tries to Brade her hair.

Gig Money

The band got $100 from the gig at the Tailors house today, but the band gave the entire sum to me because each of them still owed me $25 for bail money.

Anyway, Janie is making a blog too. The link will be posted here soon.

Also, I'm taking down the ads for now. I hate the idea of being a sell-out and I got an extra $100. I think I'll buy a new radio for my car. I can barley hear The Sisters of Mercy playing on these crappy cassettes, so a CD player should be okay.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Britney's Party

Just got back from Britney's party. Our song sucked, but that's only because the song Jesse had prepared made no sense. His lyrics were '...below sub zero,' or something, which was really bugging me. How could it be below sub zero? Sub zero means below zero. So we wrote this really fast. Below is a video of our performance. Britney's mom would be pretty hot if she didn't talk... ever...

Every Dog Has It's Day

My Outfit

I was at Daria's house today with Janie working on the back cover of our album when Daria's sister walked into her room. She told me that she never saw anybody wear clothes like that, so I decided if so many people like it, I'll make a post about it.

I always wear this shirt because it's so close to my bed when I wake up.

This is how my jeans looked before I ripped them.

My boots, I hide the top of them under my jeans so they look like normal shoes.

I only wear one wristband.

My necklace, which Monique gave me.

One of my guitars.

Phone Call from Monique

Janie picked a new layout for my blog to make it less boring. I'm installing a playlist with my favorite bands in it.

Hold on... my phone is ringing.

Okay, it was Monique. We're back together. She is about to go to her latest gig with her band the Harpies. She is thinking of going solo soon though.

I guess I should go too, since, you know, we're back together.

New Album Cover by Janie and Daria

Janie and Daria just finished making the new album cover. Jesse is coming over soon to approve it and then Janie and Daria will give it to their school after Summer's over. Apparently this was a Summer project that their teacher made them do.
It was made on Daria's computer using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

New Album Deal

I just fell asleep at the kitchen table when Janie called me asking for a favour. Janie and Daria are working on a project at school, a multimedia project, and they want to design an album cover for Mystik Spiral and make a CD with all our songs on it. That's about seven songs. I agreed to let them do it. Maybe this is a good way to advertise the band?

I'll post the album cover after it's been made.

Sell Out

Janie showed me how to put ads on my blog, I can make about $0.75 per click. I guess I'm a sellout, but the extra money can be use full in buying a few new picks or gasoline for the tank.

Anyway, I wrote a new song today with the help of Janie's friend, Daria:

Betrayal, yeah A stab in the back,
Betrayal, yeah I’m stretched on the rack,
Betrayal, yeah thrown out of the pack,
Betrayal, betrayal, yeah Betrayal, betrayal…
Betrayal, yeah You ruined my life,

Betrayal, yeah You’re twisting the knife

Mystic Spiral has a gig at some girl's high school party... I guess we really are sell outs. The party is at Britney Tailors house and we will be performing 'Every Dog Has It's Day' tonight. We will post the video afterwards.
I just woke up and this coffee is pretty crappy. I'm going back to bed.

Broken Guitar String

Today at about… sometime in the afternoon when I woke up, I decided to write a song for Mystik Spiral, but when I tried to tune my guitar a string popped. Janie told me she was going to Payday anyway and would get me some strings. So here I am with nothing to do while I wait for Janie to come back. I can't write lyrics without making music first, so I'm pretty bored here and decided to write a blog. I'll be posting lyrics and videos by Mystik Spiral here, so check back often.

Janie and Daria are here now. They bought a huge jar of pickles… Jane said she couldn't resist the low, low price of $1.98 for a jar of dills. She bought herself some art supplies too, but forgot to get me strings. Daria and Janie went to get pizza afterwards. I'm going to the music shop downtown to get strings.

I got some strings and put them on my guitar, so now I'm gonna write some lyrics.

I wrote some lyrics that sucked so I gave up. Monique is coming over to pick me up for our date.

Monique and I broke up again. I think it's better for us this way.

I wrote some lyrics expressing the way I fell:

You ran over my heart with your truck of hate
You murdered my soul and said it was fate
It wasn't meant to be
I wish you would just see

Why is life always changing?
The price of pizza is always ranging.
You said it was love we were exchanging,
but now it's my heart you are rearranging.

I think I am dead,
from all this dread,
Can't get out of bed,
My mind is misled,
I want some garlic bread,
Now we gotta shred:

-Guitar solo-

I got hungry from writing that song, so I went to get some pizza with Janie. She told me about an art project she was working on for school showing how teen years are not the best years of your life.

I re-read my lyrics, now that I'm not hungry anymore I realize they suck. I'm going to listen to Bauhaus and get some inspiration

I'm hungry again after listening to 'Who Killed Mr. Moonlight,' but Pizza King is closed for some reason. Our fridge is empty so I'm just gonna drink coffee.

I'm wondering if anyone is actually reading this blog.

I'm tired, so I'm gonna hit the sack.